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Elan Valley Walks

Numerous walks in and around the Elan Valley estate.

Water Breaks Its Neck

Warren Wood has been popular with tourists for over 200 years because of the waterfall known as Water-Break-its-Neck.
Named after the rabbit warren which once provided a source of food, this area has seen huge changes since Radnor Forest was an ancient hunting forest.

Radnor Forest

Fishpools is in the area known as Radnor Forest, a landscape of hill farming, moorlands, steep narrow valleys and hills.
The walking trail goes past an old Birmingham Water Board sighting tower and to a viewpoint over the village of Bleddfa and the surrounding countryside.
Bleddfa means “place of the wolf” and tradition has it that the last wolves in Wales were driven out of Radnor Forest into the valley here and killed.

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